About me:

nameMarcin Probola
akared, redeemer
produced inTomaszów Lubelski, Poland
currently inWrocław, Poland
interested init, open source
skillsC/C++, Java, PHP, HTML, JS, SQL and many more...
addicted tomusic
OSGNU/Linux, Windows

My journey short story:

My adventure with computers began in approx. 1990 when my father brought ZX Spectrum from his school, where he was a teacher. Then he was bringing it regularly during weekends. After short time he bought a Commodore 64 on which I wrote very first code in my life. To be honest I shouldn't use "wrote" word, becouse it was simply "copy and paste" lines copied from "Bajtek" magazine and the result was a gunshoot sound generator :-). Thats how my journey with programming began. Couple years later I got 486SX 33 Mhz, the first x86 machine.

I started messing up with Logo programming language. It was easy to me, becouse AC Logo had polish syntax, and I love turtles :-). Next in the queue was Pascal language with Turbo Pascal 7.0 IDE and compiler. Of course when I got PC which can handle Windows 98, the natural consequence was to learn Delphi. But before delphi I discovered the Internet and for me it was unbelievable information center for source codes and informations about programming (before this magnificent discover I got only "Help" and one book "Turbo Pascal for Dummies" :-))

When I got internet access at home it was easy to extend my knowledge and while I was discovering Linux world, I also have learned C language and I loved it. Soon after I met PHP which is my job-related language right now :-).

Of course later there were more and more but there is no point to mention that, becouse the story remains the same - the internet. Meanwhile I was also Linux system administrator in amateur network with my friends and Tom-Net wireless internet provider in my hometown.